The Core Five

As a church, everything that we do revolves around Jesus. We even get our mission and vision statement from Him. We believe that if Christ’s mission was to seek and save the lost, then it should be our mission as a community of believers as well. With that said, we want to create an atmosphere and a culture here at Covenant Church that defines who we are as a church. Here are The Core Five principles that drive that culture:

We Worship In Spirit & In Truth

It is an honor to know God. We are active participants engaged in worship and in learning.

We Build This Together

We come early and stay late because Jesus is building His church through us here, near, and far away.

We Know Sunday Is Just The Start

Change happens in cLife groups as you build friendships, grow as disciples, and multiply leaders.

We Bring Our Friends

Following Jesus means that you bring your friends to meet Him.

We Invest In Life-Change

You cannot out-give God. When you invest into His church, lives are changed.

You can find more information on what we believe here, or contact us with any questions at